August 17, 2023
HLP News

Multiple HLP Lawyers Recognized by Best Lawyers® at Being at the Top of Their Craft

Hudson Lambert Parrott, LLC is proud to announce that several of its esteemed attorneys have been recognized by Best Lawyers®, one of the most highly regarded peer review publications in the legal industry. Best Lawyers® annually curates a list of outstanding legal professionals selected through an exhaustive process of peer-review surveys where leading lawyers evaluate the professional abilities of their colleagues. This recognition is a testament to the high caliber of service provided by our firm and serves as a reflection of the respect and admiration our attorneys have garnered from their peers in the legal community.

Best Lawyers® employs a sophisticated, conscientious, rational, and transparent survey process designed to elicit meaningful and substantive evaluations of the quality of legal services. The annual Best Lawyers® rankings are the result of exhaustive peer-review surveys in which tens of thousands of leading lawyers evaluate their professional peers.

When the two firms that joined to form HLP came together in August of 2020, two of its lawyers—Ward Lambert and Brad Parrott—had been recognized as Best Lawyers. Since that time, recognition for HLP lawyers has proliferated. First, in 2021, Tony Lehman was recognized as a Best Lawyer in Construction Law (and, the next year, in Construction Litigation), and Claire Williamson was recognized as a Best Lawyer One to Watch in management-side Labor and Employment Law (and, later, in construction law and insurance law).

In 2023, Kevin Hudson was recognized as a Best Lawyer in Commercial Litigation and Alex Bell was recognized as one to watch in construction law and construction litigation.

This year, those ranks have multiplied once again. In Atlanta, Damon Gunnels and Chad Hayes have been honored as Best Lawyers in Construction Law. In Greenville, Greg Placone and Ted Vick have joined the Best Lawyers ranks as well.

For “Ones to Watch,” Wes Lambert was identified as an up-and-comer in Greenville in Construction Law and Construction Litigation, and Taylor Morris in Charleston was honored for his work in those two areas as well.

Best Lawyers®, Greenville

Ward Lambert, Construction Law and Construction Litigation

More about Ward

Ward Lambert

Best Lawyers®, Atlanta

Brad Parrott, Construction Law

More about Brad

Brad Parrott

Best Lawyers®, Atlanta

Tony Lehman, Construction Law and Construction Litigation

More about Tony

Tony Lehman

Best Lawyers®, Atlanta

Kevin Hudson, Commercial Litigation

More about Kevin

Kevin Hudson

Best Lawyers®, Atlanta

Damon Gunnels, Construction Law

More about Damon

Damon Gunnels

Best Lawyers®, Atlanta

Chad Hayes, Construction Law

More about Chad

Chad Hayes

Best Lawyers®, Greenville

Greg Placone, Construction Law

More about Greg

Greg Placone

Best Lawyers®, Greenville

Ted Vick, Construction Law

More about Ted

Ted Vick

Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch®, Atlanta

Claire Williamson, Construction Law, Insurance Law, and Labor & Employment Law – Management

More about Claire

Claire Williamson

Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch®, Atlanta

Alex Bell, Construction Law and Construction Litigation

More about Alex

Alex Bell

Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch®, Greenville/Charleston

Wes Lambert, Construction Law and Construction Litigation*

More about Wes

Wes Lambert

Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch®, Atlanta

Taylor Morris, Construction Law and Construction Litigation

More about Taylor

Taylor Morris

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