April 1, 2020

URGENT - Kemp's new EO expanded construction projects that can use private inspection services

Kemp's new EO amended earlier private professional services guidelines and expanded construction projects that can use private inspection services

Kevin Hudson, Partner at HudsonParrotWalker, stressed the importance of this announcement “Kemp’s action shows a commitment to the construction industry unlike other parts of the country, provided that the construction industry does it’s part and keeps the job site safe.”

Below is the update by Mark Woodall, Director of Governmental Affairs at AGCGA.

A couple weeks ago, AGC Georgia reached out to Governor Kemp’s senior staff regarding local governments shutting down their respective building departments, thus not providing important project plan reviews and inspections. AGC Georgia reminded the Governor’s staff that current Georgia law allows for private engineer and architect plan review and inspection services when local government either can’t or won’t provide timely service.

His initial order on this matter left an exclusion intact that prevented the following types of projects from being able to use private engineers and architects for plan review and inspections. • Hospitals, • Ambulatory health care centers, • Nursing homes, • Jails, • Penal institutions, • Airports, • Buildings or structures that impact national or state homeland security, and • Any building defined as a high-rise building in the State Minimum Standards Code (7 stories or higher) provided, however, that interior tenant build-out projects within high-rise buildings are not exempt from this subsection.

As of his new executive order signed late in the afternoon on March 30, these exclusions have been removed all ALL projects may use private providers when local municipalities are unable to provide plan review and inspection services. -- Download for the chosen professional's required affidavit is provided in the below link.

Full review of the EO from March 20 and review of the amended order from March 30 are provided below along with a link to an EO providing for new technology to assist with notarizing documents.

Download PDF from Mark Woodall at AGCGA

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