November 1, 2023
HLP News

Hudson Lambert Parrott, LLC Announces Significant Expansion Amid Robust Growth

In a bold move demonstrating confidence in its unique operational model, Hudson Lambert Parrott, LLC (HLP) announces substantial expansion plans, including enlarging its physical office spaces in Atlanta and Orlando. Founded in 2013, the boutique construction and litigation firm, renowned for its comprehensive legal solutions within the construction industry, has steadily grown its team size and regional influence.

Specializing in construction law, HLP has grown its presence across the Southeast with strategic locations in Atlanta, Charleston, Greenville, and Orlando. With a dedicated team of 28 attorneys, the firm stands out as one of the region's most formidable assemblies of legal experts.

"In an era where remote work has become a norm, we believe in the power of presence," explained Brad Parrott, a founding member of HLP. "Our strength lies in being trial lawyers with a record of results. The intricate nature of trial and arbitration preparation requires collaboration that thrives in a traditional office setting."

HLP's culture is founded on stability and collaboration. “We care most about being a stable firm for many years.  One that is collaborative in every aspect to create incentives for lawyers to succeed without having to pay any origination-based annuities, old man taxes or fight through tenure-based compensation models.” “We invest in people who share our vision of stability, meritocracy and collaboration and the reward is a firm with virtually no turnover," Parrott added. HLP exemplified this philosophy in the recent high-profile recruitment of Mark de St. Aubin, a respected figure in construction legal circles known for his longstanding tenure at Smith Gambrell Russell. “Attracting an attorney, the caliber of Mark de St. Aubin is a great example that what we offer as a firm is unique.  We want the right people with a shared vision of what a modern law firm can and should be.  Mark has been a perfect fit.”

The decision to expand physical offices comes at a strategic time, leveraging the current real estate climate favorable to tenants. HLP is securing extensive long-term leases, particularly in Orlando, where the firm is doubling its footprint, and in Atlanta, providing more permanent spaces for its growing team.

"The trajectory of HLP is not solely in the hands of today's partners but is being shaped collaboratively with our younger attorneys," remarked Parrott, discussing the firm's future. "Their vision will guide our expansion, potentially even beyond our foundational expertise in the construction sector."

Hudson Lambert Parrott's unconventional approach, prioritizing in-person collaboration and stability, sets it apart in a time of uncertainty for many traditional legal practices. As the firm looks ahead, its commitment to these core values positions it as a dynamic and enduring force in the legal industry.