November 15, 2023
HLP News

HLP Secures Major Victory in High-Stakes Solar Project Litigation

In the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Hudson Lambert Parrott, LLC (HLP)  successfully represented Fall Line Construction in a high stakes legal battle against Strata Solar regarding the Rochambeau Solar Power Facility project. The jury ruled in favor of Fall Line, awarding $1,850,925.54 representing 100% of the amounts requested by Fall Line. Strata had sought more than $6,000,000 at the outset of the lawsuit, however the jury, in rendering this verdict, rejected Strata’s claims entirely.

Strata Solar v. Fall Line Construction and Arch Insurance Company (Civil Action Case 4:22-cv-00106) arose from the 20 MW Rochambeau Solar Power Facility in James City County, Virginia. Strata Solar, the EPC Contractor, suspended Fall Line Construction, a civil site contractor on the 192-acre site, citing a "near miss" safety event and alleged project delays. Strata Solar claimed the alleged "near miss" safety event and other claimed delays led to Strata Solar incurring substantial additional costs, which they sought to recover through the lawsuit. The legal teams from HLP and Virginia’s Hirschler successfully refuted these claims during the trial and proved amounts owed to Fall Line.

Fall Line Construction’s case was handled by lead counsel Tony Sanacory along with supporting lawyers Carlton Miller, Louis LaFeve and Greg Placone, from HLP. Fall Line contested Strata Solar's claims, arguing that the safety incident was used as an excuse to suspend Fall Line and evade payment of outstanding invoices and withheld earnings for the Rochambeau project and another completed solar project.

HLP's lead counsel Tony Sanacory stated, "This victory is a testament to our team's commitment to our clients and our deep expertise in handling complex construction litigation. This case came to down to explaining Fall Line’s good construction work, its adherence to safety requirements, and fairness.  We asked the jury to award fair compensation, and they did."

This significant win reinforces Hudson Lambert Parrott's reputation as a leading law firm in the construction sector, showcasing their ability to navigate intricate legal landscapes and deliver favorable outcomes for their clients.

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