March 27, 2024
HLP News

HLP Secures Another Trial Victory in Arbitration Involving Corso Atlanta Project

HLP’s experienced trial lawyers (Kevin Hudson, Antony Sanacory, Ward Lambert, and Carlton Miller) secured a complete victory in arbitration for developer client Galerie Living.  The Project (pictured above) is a flagship senior living center that commenced in 2018.  After the ~$100 million Project experienced cost overruns, defective work, delays and an ever-distancing completion date, Galerie Living made the difficult decision of terminating for cause its general contractor (a mainstay in the top 20 of ENR’s annual Top 400 Contractors list).  Galerie Living hired replacement contractor Reeves + Young, who was able to successfully remediate the defective work and complete the Project within several months after taking over.

The general contractor alleged that Galerie Living terminated wrongfully, and asserted that it was entitled to monetary damages as a result of the termination (the terminated contractor had originally filed a lien in excess of $12 million).  Galerie Living alleged that the contractor’s damages were exaggerated and were offset both by defective work and harm caused to Galerie Living due to the contractor’s having filed an excessive and improper lien.  Galerie Living did not seek damages, but instead alleged that the proper outcome was for both parties to go their separate ways and that the terminated contractor was entitled to no damages.

After a multi-day arbitration handled by an experienced team of HLP trial lawyers, the Arbitrator agreed with Galerie Living and awarded no damages to the terminated general contractor.  This was a complete victory for HLP’s client.

Information about the project is available here.

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