April 21, 2020

Georgia Reopens some Businesses and Keeps Construction Operating Under Same Safety Protocols

Governor Kemp of Georgia issued an updated Executive Order yesterday. Beginning this Friday, April 24, 2020, Georgia is expanding the businesses that may engage in minimum basic operations from the previous Georgia guidelines for sheltering-in-place.Healthcare-related practices that had previously closed were ordered to resume treating patients, and salons and gyms will be permitted to reopen subject to safety guidelines and “minimum basic operations.”

The updated Order does not alter the classification of Construction-related activities. The Order refers to the updated CISA guidelines published April 17, 2020, which treats construction as essential to many different industries, and suggests sanitization practices for all businesses remaining open. The full CISA guidelines may be found here.

Further, this order explicitly overrides any local or municipal guidelines that are in conflict with the state-wide order:

Enforcement of any county or municipal ordinance or order that is more or less restrictive than this Order is hereby suspended.

Governor Kemp’s full order can be found here.

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