April 3, 2020

Alabama Classifies Construction-Related Services as Essential Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

On April 3, The State Board of Health of Alabama, issued an order in effect until April 30, limiting activities and gatherings in the state. It specifically exempts “essential businesses and operations” which include any construction-related services:

Construction and construction-related services, including building and construction, lumber, building materials and hardware businesses, electricians, plumbers, other construction tradesmen and tradeswomen, exterminators; cleaning and janitorial, HVACR and water heating businesses; painting, moving and relocating services, other skilled trades, and other related construction firms and professionals for maintaining essential infrastructure.

The Alabama Order suggests, but does not require that employers of essential employees provide a letter verifying their employment and their status as employed by an essential industry. It also requires basic safety measures, requiring essential businesses to:

“Essential businesses and operations” as defined in paragraph 2 shall take allreasonable steps, for employees and customers, to (a) avoid gatherings of 10 persons or more and (b) maintain a consistent six-foot distance between persons"

All companies, including construction companies, are recommended to have office staff work from home where possible, and implement sanitation and distancing practices on job sites where possible.  

The full text of the order can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/454872747/Alabama-Gov-Kay-Ivey-issues-shelter-in-place-order  

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